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Safety is our utmost priority, and we highly value the responsibilities we bear towards our passengers. We take these responsibilities with the utmost seriousness. Our drivers possess the necessary licenses and are proficient in defensive driving techniques. They participate in ongoing safety training programs to continually reinforce safety protocols across all aspects of our operations.

We conduct thorough safety inspections of our vehicles and carry out random quality control assessments. We take immense pride in our impeccable safety track record and the high-quality services we extend to the residents of Maryland.

The majority of our drivers hold certifications in CPR and are GNA/CNA MD Board of Nursing certified. As part of our commitment to passenger safety, we consistently monitor the Department of Motor Vehicles for accident reports, vehicle code violations, and valid driver’s licenses. This diligent process ensures that we remain aware of any issues concerning our drivers that may have arisen unbeknownst to us.

We take immense pride in our track record and the services we offer to the residents of Maryland and its metropolitan areas.


  • Handicap Equip Passenger Vans and Sedans
  • Handicap Lift
  • Handicap Fasting Belt
  • Wheelchair and Stretcher






  • 485991 – Handicapped Passenger Transport Services
  • 485991 – Senior Citizens Transportation Services
  • 484999 – Special Need Transportation Services
  • 484999 – Handicapped Transportation Services